About Us


In 1946, our grandfather began farming in Reedley, California. We are still farming at the same location today, but many things have changed. In 1978, our father, Walter, took over the farm.

More recently, in 1992, our parents opened up a roadside apple stand in the fall. We often worked along side them after school and on the weekends.  In the summer of 1998, we started Subscription Farming. The following year, the family apple stand was closed down. During the following years our business continued to grow. We began to need more land in which to grow the items that we have especially for our Subscription Farming customers. In 2003, we started attending local farmer’s markets. In 2004, we expanded the growing area to include some of our more recent additions to our delicious crops.  We started growing blackberries and a vast variety of tree fruit.

We are currently gearing up for Subscription Farming’s ninth season.



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