Subscription Farming


Subscription Farming gets the freshest produce straight from our fields to your doorstep within hours. Our fruits and vegetables do not sit in cold storage as they are picked in the early morning hours of the day that they are delivered to you.

We usually start our delivery season towards the end of May or the beginning part of June depending on the weather. Our season is anywhere from eight to ten week long depending on the supply and mother nature. Included in the basket, as they come into season, black berries, apricots, white and yellow peaches, white and yellow nectarines, plums, pluots, apriums, tomatoes, corn, and sweet peppers. The VIP level includes herbs like basil and chives.

In the 2006 season (which ran from Mid-May until Mid-August) we had two levels of delivery membership. The basic level and the VIP level. The Basic Level delivery consisted of the fresh fruits and vegetables while our VIP Level delivery consists of the Basic Level delivery plus some bonus features. The VIP Level enjoyed the first run of fruit, herbs and some extra fruit and treats to try.

One of the benefits that is enjoyed by our subscription farming customers is that their fruit and vegetables are brought straight to them. Many of our customers have their delivery brought to their offices. We have several offices that have multiple people signed up to receive our delivery. There is no added time in your busy schedule where you have to go out and find the fresh produce. Also there are no added miles in your daily routine as it comes directly to you.

Subscription Farming is best described like a magazine subscription, where people are sign up for the entire season to reap the greatest benefit from their subscription. As with magazine subscriptions some weeks the baskets will be fuller than others. The deliveries do equal themselves out. As the fruit goes in and out of season new varieties are introduced and when you miss a week you miss some produce. In the past we have found that if you feel that you cannot use a whole weeks worth of produce it is best to find someone to share it with. This way you can each benefit by having a fresh supply each week as well as having the opportunity to experience it all.

Stay tuned to our website to get the latest details on our prices as we will be posting them before the beginning of the season! If you are interested in getting more information feel free to contact us.

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